What Are Some Ways to Get Less Expensive Dental Care?


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To get less expensive dental care, look into alternative treatments, negotiate with the dentist, join a discount plan and get dental work done at a dental school, recommends WebMD. Some dental clinics or community health centers offer discounted or free dental services, so search for local options online.

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Before paying for a dental procedure, speak to the dentist about other possibilities, says WebMD. Some conditions may be able to be treated with a less expensive procedure. Another option is to negotiate with the dentist by looking up the average price of the procedure online and then asking the dentist to lower the cost based on that information. Paying with cash may improve the odds of receiving a lower bill.

Another way to lower dental costs is to join a dental discount plan, states WebMD. Search online for local participating dentists; it may be possible to reduce the cost by as much as 60 percent. The American Dental Association's website offers a list of dental schools that provide discounted dental work so students can get experience. Visit the local health department for information on discount dental clinics. Dentistry From The Heart is an organization that provides free dental care to people in need.

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