What Are Some Ways to Improve Blood Circulation?


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Not smoking, keeping the body hydrated and maintaining a regular exercise regimen are good ways to improve blood circulation, according to Johnston UNC Health Care. It also helps to reduce stress levels and take a warm bath, which improves circulation by causing the veins and arteries to widen.

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Tobacco products contain the toxic substance nicotine, which causes poor blood circulation, explains Johnston UNC Health Care. Smokers should ask a doctor about recommended ways to quit smoking. It is also important to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day and reduce consumption of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, which can dehydrate the body. Plasma contains around 93 percent water and comprises more than half of the body's overall blood volume, which is why it is essential to stay hydrated.

Brisk walking, cycling, running and rowing are good aerobic exercises that burn fat, build muscles, improve heart rate and increase blood circulation, states Johnston UNC Health Care. It helps to exercise for 30 minutes daily to promote a healthy circulation.

Drinking warm water or tea also boosts blood circulation, says Johnston UNC Health Care. Controlling stress levels not only improves circulation but also decreases blood pressure. To reduce stress, a person should sleep properly, eat a balanced diet and occasionally take a vacation. Doctors also advise engaging in a low-impact hobby to counteract stressors.

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