What Are the Best Ways to Improve Bad Breath From Stomach Gas?


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Some of the best ways to deal with bad breath include staying hydrated, avoiding alcohol, chewing sugarless gum, avoid smoking, taking breath mints, brushing teeth and paying a visit to the dentist. Bad breath comes as a result of multiple factors, including eating certain foods, certain disorders and bacteria within the digestive system.

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Brushing of teeth is one of the most widely recommended ways of ensuring good dental health according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Using a clean toothbrush and a recommended toothpaste at least twice a day will often ensure fresh breath. Brushing also protects gums and keeps teeth looking white.

Smoking substances such as tobacco ultimately causes foul breath. To deal with this, it is highly advisable that people avoid smoking. Foods such as garlic and onions can also lead to bad breath, which is why consuming them in moderation can be a good idea.

To deal with bad breath from underlying causes, paying a visit to the dentist may be prudent. The dentist will deal with the root cause of the smell to restore fresh breath. While taking breath mints may help, it should not be used as a substitute for brushing teeth or any of the ways mentioned above.

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