What Are Some Ways to Heal Fingernail Fungus?


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Treatment options for fingernail fungus include nail polish containing antifungal medication, antifungal nail creams, and laser treatments, explains Mayo Clinic. Individuals with nail fungus may also benefit by taking oral medications that treat the infection from within and encourage healthy new nail growth.

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In certain cases, fungal nail infections removal of the fingernail is the only way to eliminate the infection, explains MedlinePlus. It can also take as long as a year for healthy fingernails that are completely free of fungus to regrow. Risk factors for developing fungal nail infections include excessively moist skin, lowered immunity and nail diseases. Individuals with minor abrasions to the nails and those who come in contact with contaminated manicure tools are also at higher risk of developing the condition.

Washing and drying the hands and applying topical antifungal medication to the nails prior to bedtime may help to prevent nail fungal infections from recurring, explains WebMD. For optimal results, the medication should be used twice weekly for approximately one year. It is also important to keep the hands free of moisture by applying powder to the skin following showers and baths. Nail abrasions and injuries can be avoided by not cutting the nails too short and by visiting nail salons that guarantee sterile manicures.

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