What Are Some Ways of Getting Immediate Constipation Relief?


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Gentle exercise, lots of fluids and fiber-filled produce can lead to immediate constipation relief, states WebMD. Constipation occurs when stools are difficult to pass or a lack of fiber is found in the diet.

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Constipation is present if an individual has fewer than two bowel movements a week, if there is straining, or if there is a feeling of being backed up, according to WebMD. One cause for constipation is a lack of exercise. Try gentle exercise as a first step to get immediate relief, then take a short walk each day until able to increase total walking time to 20 minutes to promote a healthy colon.

Try drinking between eight and 10 glasses of water or noncaffeinated beverages each day, as alcoholic beverages and caffeine can increase dehydration. Increase daily fiber intake with a bran muffin or bran cereal for breakfast, or eat fruits and vegetables as a snack. Other ways to get immediate relief are by supporting the feet with about a 6-inch step stool when sitting on the toilet or by trying a stool softener such as Colace, according to WebMD. An individual should talk to his doctor before trying laxatives, which should not be used for more than two weeks.

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