What Are Some Ways to Get Fluid Out of Your Ears?


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Ways to get fluid out of your ears include using a decongestant, making your own ear drops, and chewing or yawning, explains Activebeat. Using a neti pot is another option.

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Decongestants unblock ear passages and allow fluid to move freely. Lay your head on a pillow as the decongestant starts to work, instructs Activebeat. To make your own ear drops, mix one part vinegar with one part rubbing alcohol. Use a dropper to put three or four drops in the affected ear. This solution dries up the fluid.

Chewing food or gum or simply making a chewing or yawning motion helps to open the inner ears, letting the liquid pass more easily. Tilt your head down on the side of the affected ear to encourage the liquid to drain. Neti pots loosen up mucus in the head, including the ear, notes Activebeat. If all else fails, see your doctor.

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