What Are Some Ways to Get Free First Aid Training?


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The types and prices of classes may vary depending on your location, so contact local hospitals to ask about first aid programs in your area, suggests Care.com. Some hospitals offer the training themselves, while others can direct you to community resources.

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Some schools offer free first aid training programs to their students, according to the American Red Cross. Adult staff train with the Red Cross to act as instructors, and then they pass their knowledge to interested students. Although the adults have to pay for courses, students can learn for free.

Online courses often offer free supplementary learning materials. Although the courses typically cost a small amount, some of them include free refresher courses as well, according to the American Red Cross. The exact costs and included materials depend on the course, as listed by the American Heart Association's online course catalog.

The Red Cross, the American Heart Association and the National Safety Council provide first aid courses, notes Care.com. These groups have courses geared towards a variety of people, ranging from professionals to teenage babysitters. Each course teaches necessary skills, including how to treat injuries at home, how to recognize symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, and how to know when to call an ambulance. Courses are held at different times to accommodate work schedules.

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