What Are Some Ways to Get Fat?


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Gaining weight is accomplished by counting calories, eating more often, eating more healthy food rich in calories, reducing calorie loss and gaining muscle mass. A healthy balance is obtained by planning in advance each day and tracking the progress made. If a dieter has any medical problems, a registered dietician should be consulted prior to gaining weight.

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Counting calories is accomplished by adding up calories consumed and subtracting calories spent. The resulting calories become the weight gained. Calories spent can vary, so using an online calculator to determine the body's specific metabolism is recommended. Eating every 3 hours increases calorie intake at a steady pace, so meal times should include breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks and post-workout snacks to regain burned calories. Healthy food, rich in nutrients and calories, needs to be included in the diet. A list of healthy food items includes of dried fruit, pasta, olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, granola, fruit juice and whole milk.

Plan in advance by purchasing groceries a week in advance, preparing all the day's meals at the start of the day and taking along food containers to prevent missed meals. Track the progress made with weekly weight measurements, calorie counts and pictures.

Strength training increases muscle mass. The best way to strength train is to use free weights, perform compound exercises and rest. During training, micro ruptures in the muscles occur, but when resting they repair by growing larger. Make sure enough nutrients and water are in the body so that it has enough material to repair and grow.

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