What Are Some Ways to Ease Esophagus Pain Caused by Acid Reflux?


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The most common ways to relieve pain from acid reflux disease include taking Tylenol and using over-the-counter antacids after a meal and before bedtime, as advised by MedlinePlus. Certain lifestyle changes can reduce the symptoms associated with acid reflux disease, such as drinking plenty of water when taking a medication, avoiding ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin as well as losing weight if the patient is overweight.

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Over-the-counter antacids are effective for providing temporary relief from the symptoms associated with acid reflux disease. It is important to know that overusing over-the-counter antacids can cause constipation and diarrhea, as noted by WebMD. If symptoms of acid reflux disease do not go away after taking antacids, doctors may prescribe proton pump inhibitors, foaming agents, H2 blockers or prokinetics.

There are two main types of surgery performed for patients with acid reflux disease who do not experience relief from medications or lifestyle changes. One type of surgery is the placement of a LINX device on the lower end of the esophagus to prevent contents of the stomach from coming back up. Another surgery performed is fundoplication, which consists of the creation of an artificial valve at the top of the stomach.

It is important to contact a medical professional if a patient with acid reflux experiences bleeding, choking, coughing, loss of appetite, vomiting, weight loss, pain when swallowing, difficulty swallowing or hoarseness.

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