What Are Some Ways Doctors Remove Skin Moles?


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Ways that doctors remove skin moles include cutting, burning and freezing, according to WebMD. Doctors may apply more than one method in mole removal. Due to the risk factors involved in the removal of moles, patients should seek medical care from skilled and experienced doctors, advises eMedicineHealth.

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A mole is a group of color-producing cells that grow on the skin, states WebMD. Moles can either grow singly or as a group and most people develop some before they reach the age of 20. They are rarely painful and symptomatic, hence most moles may not require treatment. People with skin moles may prefer to undergo mole removal due to cosmetic purposes as well as to avoid discomfort that occurs when moles and clothes rub against each other.

Cutting involves shaving off the moles with a special medical equipment, such as a scalpel or surgical scissors, followed by stitching as needed, explains WebMD. Burning involves passing a hot wire that contains electric current over the moles. As for freezing, a doctor sprays the moles with excessively cold liquid nitrogen and allows the wound to heal.

As a precaution, an individual should seek immediate medical attention when he develops a mole with unique characteristics, advises WebMD. In such a case, the doctor may remove the mole and screen it for cancer.

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