What Are Some of the Best Ways to Cure Plantar Fasciitis?


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Plantar fasciitis can be cured in 95 percent of cases through multiple interventions, including appropriate footwear, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen, icing, and stretching or other physical therapy, according to WebMD. Complete recovery can take up to a year, and early treatment results in quicker and more effective recovery than delayed treatment. Only 5 percent of cases require surgery.

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What Are Some of the Best Ways to Cure Plantar Fasciitis?
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Plantar fasciitis is caused by straining the plantar fascia, or the ligament connecting the heel to the toes that supports the arch of the foot, explains WebMD. The strained plantar fascia causes heel pain when standing or walking, particularly when getting out of bed in the morning or when standing up after sitting for a long period. Treatments focus on reducing pain and inflammation, stretching and strengthening exercises, and footwear with proper support, including orthotic shoe inserts. Over time, the ligament frequently heals. If it does not, Mayo Clinic explains that doctors can recommend further treatments such as splints to be worn at night that hold the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon in a stretched out position or steroid injections. Plantar fasciitis is more common in the middle aged and overweight, according to WebMD. Other contributing factors are wearing poorly fitting or worn out shoes, having high arches or flat feet, and running, standing or walking long distances on hard surfaces. Surgery is a last resort when nonsurgical interventions, including weight loss if necessary, do not prove effective.

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