What Are Some Ways Couples Can Determine Their Compatibility?


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Couples can assess their compatibility by analyzing several factors including sameness in temperament and beliefs, the extent of their attraction to each other, and how they match intellectually. Compatibility is based on how balanced and equal a relationship is. Couples who feel mutually safe, confident, equal and trusting are in compatible relationships. Generally, compatible relationships develop from or into strong friendships.

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Partners need to be able to grow with each other spiritually, psychologically, romantically and sexually. Compatible couples generally have similar values and expectations for the future. Partners should challenge each other and open each other up to new ideas. Both partners should have an understanding of the other's mind, beliefs and values, and how they connect to the world.

Family dynamics and background play a large part in compatibility. Couples with similar family backgrounds tend to be more compatible. Previous friendships and relationships can be very telling about how a partner regards a relationship. A partner who views relationships much differently than the other partner may not be a good match.

Compatibility tests are another way of assessing compatibility. Couples can take these tests online or with a psychologist who can give an expert opinion. These tests ask questions that are based on the all the factors listed above.

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