What Are Some Ways to Correct Forward Head Posture?


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Correcting forward head posture includes a combination of changes in the manner in which a person works, such as adjusting the computer screen and other work areas in an ergonomic fashion, and engaging in exercises the strengthen the muscles in the neck and upper back. Forward-head-posture problems occur when there is an imbalance in the head, neck and shoulders, causing the head to pull forward from the body.

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Correcting forward-head-posture issues can be done while sleeping as well as while awake. It is recommended that a person with the condition not sleep with multiple pillows. During wake time while sitting, maintain the natural curve of the lower back. If possible, invest in a chair that helps maintain back support. Two exercises that help correct forward head posture include the chin tuck and chin tuck in supine. A test exists to assess if forward head posture is present. To test for this condition, stand with the head and back against a wall. Keep the feet positioned at 6 inches apart. Count how many fingers can be placed between the back of the neck and the wall. If more than three fingers can be placed, it is likely there is a forward-head-posture issue that needs to be corrected.

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