What Are Some Ways to Correct Bad Posture?


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Some ways to correct bad posture include improving flexibility, stretching the body regularly and getting a stronger core, according to Today. Flexibility in the body allows for better alignment and muscle balance, which can help improve the posture.

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Stretching is important on a regular basis, but especially when getting up after being in the same position for a long time, states Today. This includes sitting in the car after a long commute, getting up from the desk at the end of the day or getting out of bed in the morning. A person must stretch her muscles from the fingers to the toes. A good stretch involves leaning back as far as possible and holding it for a few seconds. Placing the hands on the small of the back during the stretch provides stability.

Strengthening the core involves doing sit-ups, Pilates or yoga, notes Today. Any exercise or stretch that improves the abdominal muscles helps to strengthen the core and improve the posture. This provides more strength and stability, making it easier to sit and stand up straight.

Assessing posture is also important, advises Women’s Health. This provides information about the current status of a person's posture and what she must do to improve it. Some people have bad posture at their desks at work while others need to improve posture in the car.

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