What Are Some Ways to Go About Coping With Grief and Loss?


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People can cope with grief and loss by talking about the death of their loved ones, accepting their feelings, and taking care of themselves and their families, advises the American Psychological Association. They can also cope by helping others and remembering and celebrating the life of the person lost.

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What Are Some Ways to Go About Coping With Grief and Loss?
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A grieving person can help cope with a loss by talking about the death of the loved one with friends, family or colleagues, notes the American Psychological Association. Talking about a loved one may prevent an individual from going into denial and choosing isolation. People can also help cope with loss by accepting that their anger, sadness, frustration and other feelings are perfectly normal reactions. Coping with loss can include ensuring that they and their families eat properly, exercise and get plenty of rest to help get through each day.

A person can also alleviate feelings of grief and loss by helping friends and family members cope with their feelings, states the American Psychological Association. It is important that people remember and celebrate lost loved ones to help with the grieving process. A person wishing to remember a loved one may donate to a charity, plant a garden or take other steps such as naming a child after the deceased. Those who cannot cope with their feelings of loss can also seek the help of professionals, including grief counselors or other mental health professionals.

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