What Are Some Ways to Conceive a Boy?

Women who wish to conceive boys can follow the Shettles method or the Whelan method, using an ovulation calendar to time intercourse in relation to the date of ovulation. Both report varying levels of success but neither has received general acceptance from reproductive medicine doctors, according to Parenting magazine.

To conceive a boy using the Shettles method, time intercourse to coincide as closely as possible with the moment of monthly ovulation and have rear-entry intercourse to deposit the sperm closer to the cervix, notes Parenting magazine. Inversely, the Whelan method calls for having intercourse four to six days prior to ovulation to increase the odds of conceiving a boy.

Dr. Landrum Shettles outlines the Shettles method in his book, co-authored with David Rorvik, entitled “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby.” Dr. Elizabeth Whelan outlines the Whelan method in her book “Boy or Girl?”