What Are Some Ways to Cleanse and Detoxify the Body?


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Detoxification and cleansing of the body are achieved through eating green plants and fibre-rich foods, hydrotherapy, drinking a lot of water and exercising, says Healthierpost.com. Herbal remedies, such as thistle, burdock and dandelion roots, also flush out toxins from the body.

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What Are Some Ways to Cleanse and Detoxify the Body?
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Green plants contain chlorophyll, which helps in eliminate toxins from the body. Hydrotherapy and intake of herbs, such as dandelion and thistle, improve blood circulation, making it easier for the body to get rid of waste. Some toxins get into the body through the skin and lungs, thus spending time in the fresh air is recommended by Gaiam Life.

Exercise and proper hydration improve circulation and balance body salt, as stated by Today.com. Foods that are rich in fibre cleanse the body through soaking up cholesterol, fat, toxins and sugar, and flushing them out of the system. Other ways to detoxify the body include having a good sleep and positive response to stress.

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