What Ways Can You Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain While You're Driving?

ways-can-relieve-sciatic-nerve-pain-re-driving Credit: Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

To relieve sciatic nerve pain while driving, seat yourself as comfortably as possible, change position frequently and make rest stops that allow you to stretch, recommends Spine-health. Carry ice packs and a heating pad to provide relief as well, and bring along over-the-counter pain medications.

Before starting a drive, adjust the car seat to negate the need to reach for the steering wheel, and use pillows and other supportive devices to make the car seating as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, advises Spine-health. Avoid sitting on a wallet or other item that may irritate the sciatic nerve or throw the spine out of alignment. Every few minutes, adjust the seat or shift positions. Staying in one position can lead to pain. Make frequent rest stops where you can get out of the car, walk around and stretch your muscles. Consider stretching out in the back seat to help alleviate discomfort.

Keep ice packs in a portable cooler, and apply them to the back to relieve pain while driving, or apply heat to the back using the car's seat heating function, if available, or a heating pad that plugs into the cigarette lighter, suggests Spine-health. Keep over-the-counter NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen or naproxen, handy, and take them to alleviate sciatic pain and inflammation while driving. Use these medications instead of prescription medications that may cause drowsiness.