What Are Some Ways to Build Muscles Fast?

What Are Some Ways to Build Muscles Fast?

Four adjustments are necessary to add muscle mass quickly, according to The Telegraph. These four adjustments are in the areas of training, nutrition, supplementation and rest.

According to The Telegraph, one of the most important ways to build muscle mass quickly is to cause natural, exercise-induced damage to those muscles and taking the proper time to rest the muscles afterwards. The most effective workout in which to build muscle mass is heavy resistance training. According to trainer Ben Wilson, resistance training "is a type of exercise that challenges the muscles to move against an unaccustomed force." Free weights are the most effective tools in proper resistance training.

In order for the body to create fresh muscle fiber, one must consume more than the recommended daily caloric intake, according to The Telegraph. Meats, nuts and whey proteins are an effective source of the proteins necessary to build muscle mass.

Nutritional supplements, such as whey protein, ZMA and creatine, are also effective ways to promote rapid muscle growth, The Telegraph suggests. These supplements can be found at most health food stores.

The Telegraph indicates that one of the most important and often forgotten aspects of muscle growth is the proper amount of rest in between strength training. Giving muscles the needed amount of time to heal promotes muscle growth and can also help maintain long-term muscle health.