What Are the Best Ways to Bring Your High Creatine Levels Down?


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The best way to lower blood creatine levels is to focus on improving kidney function in general, according to Kidney Coach. This can be achieved by following a vegetarian diet, avoiding intense physical activity and adding certain supplements to an already healthy diet.

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Dietary sources of creatine are found only in animal products. Following a plant-based diet helps to eliminate these extra sources of creatine. Meat and dairy products affect kidney health negatively, claims Kidney Coach. Supplementing a vegetarian diet with nettle leaf tea, alpha-lipoic acid and chitosan may help to improve kidney health. However, a doctor should always be consulted before making changes to a diet or exercise regimen, especially if the patient is on any type of medication.

Intense physical activity should be avoided as it leads creatine to be broken down into creatinine, according to Kidney Coach.

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