What Are Some Ways to Boost Your Metabolism?


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Building muscle, performing high-intensity exercise routines, drinking plenty of water, eating small meals and snacks every three to four hours, and spicing up foods with red pepper are good ways to boost metabolism, states WebMD. Doctors also recommend choosing more protein-rich foods than carbohydrates, drinking coffee moderately, and consuming two to four cups of green tea or oolong tea daily.

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More muscle means faster metabolism, because each pound of muscle burns around six calories daily, whereas a pound of fat burns only two calories daily, explains WebMD. Strength training helps build muscle and also activates muscles throughout the body, leading to a higher metabolic rate. High-intensity exercise contributes to a long-lasting increase in resting metabolic rate. Jogging for brief periods while walking and joining more intense gym sessions are good ways to boost metabolism.

White meat chicken, fish, turkey, lean beef and tofu are good sources of protein, which lets the body burn more calories compared to fats or carbohydrates, according to WebMD. Drinking green tea and oolong tea during a mildly intense exercise session allows the body to burn more calories.

Properly hydrated individuals burn more calories than dehydrated people, notes WebMD. Doctors suggest drinking a glass of water before meals and snacking on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods. Adding sliced chili pepper to dishes helps increase a person's metabolic rate temporarily.

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