What Are Some Ways to Attract Men?


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Attracting men involves flirtation in the form of compliments, asking questions, and generally expressing interest in his conversation, but oftentimes, it's not what a woman says but how she says it that is truly attractive. Smile coyly when telling him his hair looks nice, gaze deep into his eyes asking about his family, and giggle sweetly when he tries to impress you with his sense of humor.

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Most conversational phrases are fine to say when trying to attract a man, as it is the non-verbal gestures that men find most attractive. For instance, ask a man how he is, what he likes to do, and other questions about his life. Be polite and genuine, because not many men appreciate pretentiousness. Smile as much as possible and laugh whenever he says something funny. This encourages him to be himself, and men are attracted to women with which they can be comfortable.

Some women find that playing hard to get or being mischievous can be attractive. Teasing him and acting coy can be sexy for guys, and they may enjoy joining in on the banter. To be hard to get, avoid telling him everything about your life, and if he asks what your plans are, respond vaguely to keep him guessing.

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