What Are Some Ways to Help an Alcoholic?


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Ways to help an alcoholic include involving family and friends in an intervention plan, supporting the alcoholic in his commitment to change through a formal treatment program, and rehearsing positive, supportive statements, according to Healthline. Forming a support system and encouraging the individual to find a sponsor help in the maintenance of sobriety, explains WebMD.

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What Are Some Ways to Help an Alcoholic?
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It is prudent to be honest with a person who suffers with alcoholism, especially when behavior leads to shame and embarrassment, notes Healthline. A person can help by telling an alcoholic that his drinking is too much and insisting on being supportive. Friends and family members should prepare to face negative reactions and anger due to denial while refraining from being judgmental or negative.

An individual can be helpful to an alcoholic by enlisting loved ones in an intervention plan, notes Healthline. People the person trusts, such as brothers, sisters, parents and friends, can help improve the areas on which the drinking affects all of their lives. It is also important to call for professional help from a specialist who deals with addiction, a therapist or a doctor.

Maintenance of sobriety requires an alcoholic to have a support system in his life, reports WebMD. An individual can help an alcoholic get support from a sponsor or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. It is prudent to encourage an alcoholic to attend rehabilitation or other programs available, as it is impossible to force someone into treatment, explains Healthline.

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