What Is the Way to Treat Ringworm in Humans?


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Ringworm can be treated using antifungal ointments and creams through prescription or buying one at a pharmacy. Ringworm is a skin fungal infection that affects the hair, skin and nails, and it may be spread from one individual to another through contact with infected people, or sharing items such as towels. It can also be contracted from animals, such as cats, dogs and other pets.

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A ringworm starts as a small infected area that spreads outward forming a circular and red area on the skin. The outer edge of ringworm is usually more scaly and inflamed that its center. A person may experience a single, or several patches of the infection, especially one that is transmitted from animals. Rashes differ, as they depends on the fungus that caused the ringworm.

Antifungal creams that contain clotrimazole or miconazole are usually available without a doctor's prescription. Ringworm that occur on the scalp may need antifungal tablets and shampoo. To treat ringworm, a person must wash the infected area thoroughly and apply an antifungal cream as directed. It takes up to 2 weeks for the condition to get better. Even if the ringworm goes away, it is necessary to complete the dose provided by a doctor or as written on the label.

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