Is There a Way to Treat Frequent Night Urination?


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Monitoring fluid intake, diet modification, bladder training and Kegel exercises help manage frequent night urination, states WebMD. Medications and surgery are also options. Treatment for frequent nighttime urination depends on the cause, notes Healthline.

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Limiting fluid intake for several hours before bedtime and avoiding bladder-irritating foods, such as caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and spicy dishes, may reduce the need to urinate during the night, explains WebMD. Training the bladder to hold larger quantities of urine for longer periods of time and doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the bladder muscles for better control may also help correct frequent nighttime urination.

Medications can alleviate symptoms and prevent muscle spasms of the bladder to help reduce the urge to urinate often, states Healthline. Surgical intervention involves implanting nerve stimulators to help control contractions of the organs and muscles of the pelvic floor, adds WebMD.

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