What Is the Best Way to Treat Burns at Home?


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Most minor burns resolve on their own, so basic home treatment options such as running cool tap water over scald burns and tucking body parts with cold temperature burns inside clothing are often all that is necessary, notes WebMD. More serious burns require first aid and medical attention.

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What Is the Best Way to Treat Burns at Home?
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If the burns come from fire, they require smothering with water or a blanket. People with burning clothing should stop, drop and roll around on the ground to extinguish any flames. With cold temperature burns, an alternative to covering them with clothing is to put the affected body part in warm water, as continued exposure to cold exacerbates the burn. Liquid scald burns should not be treated with ice, which continues the damage, reports WebMD.

The first priority with electrical burns is to separate the person from the source of the electricity. Next comes checking for heartbeat and breathing. Emergency medical attention and CPR are necessary if the person is lacking either one. With chemical burns, the first step is finding out the chemical in question, and the next step is calling a local poison control center to get help with that specific chemical. If hot plastic or tar has caused a burn, the first step is to pour cold water over the plastic or tar to reduce the temperature. Clothing and jewelry around the burn should come off unless the clothing has adhered to the burn, WebMD advises.

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