What Is the Way to Soothe a Burn on the Roof of Person's Mouth?

What Is the Way to Soothe a Burn on the Roof of Person's Mouth?

To soothe a burn on the roof of the mouth, apply a topical anesthetic, that is meant for oral application or squeeze a Vitamin D capsule onto the burn to speed the healing process. Burns can occur on the roof of the mouth whenever a person ingests a hot food or beverage, such as coffee or pizza.

According to Everyday Health, topical ointments and creams are useful for soothing the pain caused by a burn to the roof of the mouth. They provide only temporary relief, but they can be reapplied as needed to control the pain.

Additionally, though oral tissues heal quickly, the application of a vitamin D capsule will increase the healing rate for a quick recovery. A capsule with 1,000 IU is adequate for the job. Simply squeeze the contents of the capsule over the burn.

It can also be helpful to drink cool, refreshing liquids. Hold the liquid in the mouth for longer than usual to soothe the pain. However, it is important to avoid hot, spicy or citrus foods and beverages until the burn is completely healed. Otherwise, the burn might be agitated.

If pain does not subside within 7 days, it is a good idea to solicit medical attention from a doctor or dentist.