What Is the Best Way to Remove Denture Adhesive?


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To remove denture adhesive, heat up salt water to the highest temperature you can stand, and swish it around your mouth after using dentures. Use a soft toothbrush or wash cloth to wipe any remaining adhesive from your gums. Repeat as needed.

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Avoid using sharp objects such as fingernails to remove the adhesive, since sharp objects can cause damage to your gums. In addition, avoid using too much pressure when cleaning off the adhesive, either with your fingers or a toothbrush, in order to avoid irritation to your gums. To keep your gums and dentures in good condition so they hold properly with each application, clean the adhesive off your gums and dentures every time you remove them.

When applying your dentures, use the minimal amount of adhesive. If you use too much adhesive, it ends up gooey and does not hold properly. When removing your dentures, be sure to wash or brush the dentures prior to storing them in a water bath at room temperature. Additionally, when removing the adhesive from your gums, be as thorough as possible to make sure there is no remaining adhesive. Using a gentle, circular motion, scrub the gums, palate, ridges, tongue and soft tissues.

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