What Is the Best Way to Remove a Callus?


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Combining softening agents with the use of pumice stone or sandpaper is the best way to get rid of calluses at home. Following these remedies for a period of several weeks can eliminate the callus without undergoing a medical procedure, notes eMedicineHealth.

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Soaking calluses in soapy, warm water softens them, making them more susceptible to the sanding process. Augmenting that with moisturizers that include 10 to 20 percent urea afterward (being sure to dry the calluses thoroughly first) softens the calluses even more. Covering the calluses with protective pads to hold the moisturizer in place throughout the day cuts down on pressure and friction, giving the callus time to get softer, states eMedicineHealth.

Rubbing pumice stone and/or sandpaper disks over the calluses gradually wears the calluses away over time. Areas that had been hard and thick gradually soften with daily application of water and moisturizer, and a routine of sanding the calluses pulls away the thick tissue a bit at a time. People who have calluses and want to get rid of them should avoid wearing flip fops for extended periods of time and shouldn't go barefoot. Keeping socks and shoes on the feet maintains higher levels of moisture in the feet, making the softening process go more quickly, according to eMedicineHealth.

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