What Is the Best Way to Prevent Fluid on the Knee?


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The best way to prevent fluid from accumulating around a knee joint is to avoid performing movements that strain or cause injury to the joint due to over-use, explains Medical News Today. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important for preventing the accumulation of fluid around a knee joint.

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Avoiding activities involving movements that shock and create torsion in the joint prevents fluid accumulation around a knee joint, reports Medical News Today. Such activities include running over bumpy terrain or downhill skiing. Additionally, avoiding high-intensity sports that involve sprinting and rapid movements, such as football or tennis, also reduces the risk of fluid accumulating in the knee joint.

Overweight and obese people are at a greater risk for having fluid accumulation in a knee joint because the joint must bear more weight, thus increasing the pressure in it. Over time, increased pressure on the knee joint causes the body to produce and accumulate excess joint fluid, according to Medical News Today.

Activities such as walking, swimming, cross-country skiing and skating are less stressful on the knees and are less likely to cause fluid accumulation in a knee joint. Shallow knee bends and straightening exercises performed with the weight placed on the outside of the foot are unlikely to cause fluid accumulation in a knee joint, reports Medical News Today.

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