What Is the Way for a Person Sleep Less?

What Is the Way for a Person Sleep Less?

It would be highly improbably for most people to be able to get by on sleeping less and not suffer any consequences. Chronic sleeplessness and sleep deprivation has been linked to a number of medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, stroke and depression. These findings were the results of a study about sleep deprivation and sleep disorders, which was published in 2006 in the National Academies Press.


There is, however, a unique group of individuals who are able to get by on a few hours of sleep and yet still function well, if not better, the following day. These rare group of individuals carry the mutation in their genes called hDEC2, which gives them the ability to sleep fewer hours with no ill-effects whatsoever.

Although it may not be possible to train the body to get by with just a few hours of sleep, it is possible to save up on more hours of sleep to prepare the body in anticipation of sleep-deprived nights. Doing so will allow the individual to suffer less than those who did not store up more hours of sleep earlier.

The following shows how to store up on sleeping hours.

Step 1: Know the upcoming schedule

Prepare one week in advance for anticipated sleep-deprived nights, such as an examination week for example.

Step 2: Plan for extra sleep

Put in at least 10 hours of sleep each night for one week by going to bed earlier than usual.

Step 3: Get recovery sleep

Follow up the sleep-deprived week with five nights of recovery sleep of eight hours each night.