What Is the Best Way to Monitor Blood Sugar Levels?


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The best way to monitor blood sugar levels is by testing blood from a finger prick with a glucose meter, according to WebMD. Those with diabetes need to test their blood sugar levels before meals, exercise, driving and going to bed. Testing several times a day is best.

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What Is the Best Way to Monitor Blood Sugar Levels?
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In some patients, continuous glucose monitoring systems monitor blood sugar levels instead of more traditional glucose meters, states WebMD. Patients with insulin pumps use these systems to provide a regular stream of data to keep their insulin levels close to normal. The system stores the data for analysis through a computer program or by a doctor at a later time.

The A1C is another test that helps properly monitor blood sugar levels, maintains the Joslin Diabetes Center. The A1C test requires a finger-prick blood sample and is typically administered by a nurse or physician at regular diabetes care appointments. The test gives a picture of what the patient's average blood sugar level was for the last three months. It is not a substitute for regular at home monitoring with a glucose meter.

The best home glucose monitors are those that patients find easy to use and easy to carry with them, according to the Joslin Diabetes Center. It recommends carrying a small meter and other testing supplies along on outings to make it easy to monitor blood sugar levels on the go.

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