What Is the Best Way to Lose 20 Pounds?

way-lose-20-pounds Credit: Michael Poehlman/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Women's Health notes that cardio exercises based on endurance are excellent ways to lose 20 pounds or more. Moderate to intense cardio on a sustained level conditions the body to use fat as an energy source. Two days of cardio activity per week for 30 to 45 minutes is sufficient activity, and exercises such as walking, bike riding or elliptical machines are good cardio options.

ABC News mentions that people who get more sleep at night lose more weight. Lifting weights three times a week for 11 minutes increases the metabolism when sleeping. Working the legs leads to more calories burned. Since the lower body has more muscles than the upper body, focusing on the lower half requires the body burn energy to repair and bolster the muscles. Exercising the day after working the lower body leads to more calories burned.

People who keep a daily food log lose more weight than those who do not, states Women's Health. A food diary is a good way of holding dieters accountable and staying consistent. Indulging in certain food cravings also helps reduce binge eating. Replacing a coveted dessert with a healthy snack later on is a good rule to follow. Instead of counting calories, dividing plates into one-third of protein, a one-third of whole grains and one-third of vegetables simplifies the process. ABC News recommends using a measuring cup to portion cereal as an effective weight loss strategy. Eating fewer carbodyrates instead of fats also causes weight loss. If increasing fats, however, it is best to adjust calorie intake and physical activity.