What Is the Best Way to Learn Yoga?

way-learn-yoga Credit: RunPhoto/Stone/Getty Images

The best way to learn yoga is to take a class with a qualified instructor, according to yoga expert Ann Pizer for About.com. The instructor provides immediate feedback to correct mistakes before they become habits in the student's practice of the art.

The first month of taking up yoga includes several important aspects. Pizer recommends using the first day to learn about any new equipment required. The student should begin to focus the new routines she has to incorporate into her practice of yoga. During the first week, students learn the rhythm of yoga. They determine the time that works best for their practice. As they continue through the first month, they begin to learn what to do during each session.

Some students begin yoga with special health concerns. Doctors sometimes suggest yoga for pregnant women. For these individuals, the best way of learning is still with a certified instructor, according to BabyCenter. While their doctor may help by teaching some of the initial steps, turning to an instructor who specializes in helping pregnant women is beneficial. The leader teaches her modifications to the poses required by pregnancy. However, like everyone else, these moms have other, slightly less effective options, such as recorded classes or instructional books to help them learn the exercises.