What Is the Best Way to Give a Coffee Enema?

Coffee enemas are best administered when the person receiving the enema is laying on his right side or back, according to S.A. Wilson's. The enema should be administered on a towel in case of spillage and should be held in the bowel for 12 minutes or longer. It is also important to use clean water and properly-prepared coffee in the procedure. The American Journal of Gastroenterology does not recommend coffee enemas and raises concerns about health implications.

A person prepares the coffee used for coffee enemas in a cooking pot using approximately 1 quart of water and 2 tablespoons of coffee, writes S.A Wilson's. The coffee must cool to body temperature or colder before use. After the coffee is ready, the procedures requires inserting the enema tube into the rectum of the person receiving the enema, and injecting approximately half of the coffee into the intestine. It is important to stop the flow of coffee if there are signs of discomfort. After 12 or more minutes, it is time to void the coffee from the bowel, and then repeat the procedure with the remainder still in the enema bag.

There may be significant health risks associated with performing coffee enemas, as reported by the American Journal of Gastroenterology. An inflammation of the colon known as proctocolitis has been reported in some coffee enema recipients, and at least two deaths due to electrolyte imbalances have been connected to the practice. Regularly sanitizing the equipment used in enema procedures and allowing the coffee to cool to an appropriate temperature may help reduce the potential health risks of coffee enemas, according to S.A. Wilson's. A coffee enema recipient should immediately discontinue the procedure and consult a doctor if any unusual symptoms occur during or after the enema.