What Is the Best Way for Girls to Build Muscles Quickly?


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Women can build muscles quickly by lifting very heavy weights, says Muscle & Strength. If the weight is light enough to be lifted more than 12 times, it is too light to build muscle. If it cannot be lifted more than six times, it is too heavy.

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To build muscle quickly, Muscle & Strength suggests performing free weight and compound exercises with very heavy weights. Some suggested exercises are deadlifts, squats with dumbbells, lunges with dumbbells, pull-ups and dips. The magazine suggests alternating upper-body workout days with lower-body workout days, doing cardiovascular exercise instead of weights two days a week and resting completely on the seventh day.

Bodybuilding.com emphasizes the need to rest. Individuals who want to gain muscle quickly may try to spend every waking minute at the gym, but muscle-building actually occurs on the rest days, not during the gym sessions. If insufficient rest time is built into the workout schedule, the muscles break down rather than increase in mass and strength; however, resting between sets while at the gym does not help. In order to build muscle quickly, three sets of six to 12 repetitions for each exercise is ideal, with a one-minute rest period between sets.

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