What Is the Best Way to Detoxify the Liver, and What Are the Benefits?


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The best way to detoxify the liver is with a changed diet, and benefits include relief from allergies, fatigue, nausea and body aches, according to HowStuffWorks. Food that should be eaten to detoxify the liver include beets, carrots, broccoli and artichokes.

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For someone who is interested in detoxifying the liver, alcohol should be avoided, explains HowStuffWorks. Alcohol is damaging for the liver and is a common cause of liver failure. Other things that should be avoided when detoxifying the liver are fatty foods and foods with high levels of cholesterol, sodium and processed sugar. Red meat, soda, caffeine and deli meat should all be avoided when cleansing the liver.

When detoxifying the liver, the immune system and digestive tract also benefit, claims HowStuffWorks. A liver cleanse may also help lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and increase the amount of amino acids that reach cells. People who do liver cleanses also report more energy and find relief from hepatitis.

Some critics of liver cleansing state that the positive effects of a cleanse may not come from the cleanse at all but from eliminating alcohol, fat and processed food, states HowStuffWorks. It is also important for individuals understand that detoxification may have side effects such as vomiting, nausea and general illness.

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