What is the best way to detoxify your liver?


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To detoxify the liver, patients should reduce or eliminate foods high in fat and sugar and consume more fruits and vegetables, according to WebMD. This sustainable diet also helps with weight loss and supports those suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.

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Most diets advertised as detox or cleansing diets are unsafe since they involve fasting, consuming only liquids or an unhealthy reduction of calories, reports WebMD. Detox diets often replace food with costly herbs, supplements, powders, enemas and colon-cleansing products. They aren't sustainable for a long period of time, making them ineffective for long-term weight loss. The initial pounds lost on a detox diet typically consists of water weight that comes back quickly when the diet is over.

Detoxing may leave an individual feeling hungry, weak and even sick, explains WebMD. Potential side effects from fasting include, fatigue, dizziness, low blood sugar, nausea and muscle aches. Those with diabetes, heart disease or other medical conditions should refrain from detox dieting as it is not healthy for the heart and may lead to dangerously low blood sugar.

A detox diet is not necessary intended to cleanse the body of toxins since it's part of the natural function of the liver and kidneys, according to WebMD. A consistent diet of unprocessed whole foods, such as lean sources of protein and whole grains, is recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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