What Is the Best Way to Deal With Pain From Gout?


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The best way to deal with gout pain includes resting the affected joint, elevating the leg while sitting, applying ice to ease swelling and taking Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve inflammation. If a person is diagnosed with gout, the first treatment is intended to help ease its symptoms. Further treatment will be required to help in reducing the levels of uric acid, as stated by the National Health Service.

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There are several measures that one will need to take to ensure that the condition is managed well. Controlling weight is necessary since being overweight increases the risk of suffering from gout. Eating a diet that has low-fat content is essential in maintaining a healthy weight. This does not mean one should start fasting of eating very low-calorie foods. Foods that contain low-calorie content tend to increase the level of uric acid, which may cause a gout attack. If one engages in exercises, he or she should do so moderately.

Limiting alcohol consumption , especially beer, is necessary as it tends to inhibit the removal of uric acid by the kidney causing it to accumulated in the body. One should also limit meat and seafood meals as they can also increase uric acid, as stated by WebMD. If given prescription drugs, one should continue using until they are finished.

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