What Is the Best Way to Cure Eczema That Has Covered Most of Your Feet?


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To cure severe eczema on feet, individuals should avoid long, hot showers and consistently moisturize feet, states WebMD. Individuals should replace socks at least twice a day, and wear 100 percent cotton socks as fabric or wool socks can irritate skin. Medications such as cortisone cream can also alleviate eczema symptoms.

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Eczema is the name of a group of medical conditions in which skin becomes irritated or inflamed, according to WebMD. The most common form of eczema is atomic dermatitis, but most forms tend to cause itching. Eczema-infected skin usually appears very dry or scaly with a slight change in pigmentation. The actual cause of eczema is unknown, but experts believe that the symptoms are due to an immune system reaction to an irritant.

Feet are especially vulnerable to eczema triggers, such as heat or dry winter air, states WebMD. Most eczema outbreaks can be avoided or lessened with proper care. Individuals should avoid wearing damp or dyed socks. Sweating, overheating, sudden temperature changes and stress can aggravate eczema. In addition, harsh soaps, detergents and scratchy material contribute to eczema outbreaks.

To properly diagnose eczema, individuals should visit a doctor for questioning and inspection, according to WebMD. The basis of eczema treatment is to reduce and prevent itching, which can cause infections. Over-the-counter products such as cortisone cream is available to treat eczema. Doctors may also prescribe corticosteroids to lessen inflammation or antibiotics to kill bacteria. If symptoms persist, antihistamines or cyclosporine may be prescribed to treat eczema.

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