What Is the Best Way to Cure Constipation Without a Laxative?


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The best way to cure constipation without a laxative is to add more fiber to the diet and also exercise more, according to Mayo Clinic. Individuals should use the bathroom when the urge arises rather than attempting to delay the process. Biofeedback may be helpful in curing constipation, says MedicineNet.

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Adding fiber to the diet increases the bulk of the stool and allows it to pass through the digestive tract more quickly, states Mayo Clinic. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are good sources of fiber, and it is best to consume 14 grams of fiber per every 1,000 calories. Because severe bloating and gas can develop with a sudden large increase in fiber intake, doctors recommend slowly increasing the amount of fiber in the diet to help prevent constipation.

Exercise is important for curing constipation because it increases muscle activity in the intestines, notes Mayo Clinic. Making time to have bowel movements is also helpful in alleviating constipation.

Because the muscles involved in defecating are under voluntary control, biofeedback training can help individuals who have pelvic floor dysfunction improve the functioning of their bowel muscles, explains MedicineNet. The procedure teaches the individual to relax and contract the muscles more normally to improve his ability to move his bowels.

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