What Is the Best Way to Control Flatulence?

The best way to control flatulence is to change diet and lifestyle by decreasing the size of meals, exercising on a regular basis and staying away from foods that cause flatulence. Over-the-counter medicines are available if these changes do not work, according to the National Health Service.

The process of eating and swallowing brings air into the digestive system, and gases also develop as a part of the digestion process. Flatulence or burping is the body's way of getting rid of those built up gases. Sometimes this release happens in small amounts that are not noticeable, notes the National Health Service.

Avoiding foods that are known to cause gas is an easy way to reduce flatulence. Also, eating smaller meals brings less air into the digestive system per meal, and eating more frequent meals pushes food (and air) through the system more quickly. Slowing the pace of food consumption keeps excess air from entering the esophagus, as stated by the National Health Service.

Adding an exercise regimen cuts down on flatulence. The physical stress of exercise on the abdomen moves gas through the system. For people who incorporate these changes but still suffer from unpleasant flatulence, charcoal tablets are available over-the-counter, states the National Health Service.