Is There a Way to Clear Blockage of the Arteries?


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Lifestyle changes, surgery or medications can treat and reverse blockages of the arteries, according to WebMD. The outcome of these treatments depends on the severity of the blockage.

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Is There a Way to Clear Blockage of the Arteries?
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To successfully manage the blockage of arteries, a person needs to eat a diet low in fat and full of fruits, vegetables and simple carbohydrates, as explained by WebMD. It is also helpful to maintain a healthy body weight and stop smoking. Regularly exercising, managing stress and keeping blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar at normal levels is also important.

Surgery may also be an option for those who have blocked arteries, states WebMD. Stent placement, bypass and balloon angioplasty are the main choices. With stent placement, a doctor places a metal tube into an artery to maintain the flow of blood. With bypass surgery, the surgeon moves healthy arteries from other parts of the body to bypass clogged arteries, allowing blood to bypass the clogged areas. A balloon angioplasty opens clogged arteries, too, allowing blood to flow.

Medications may also be successful at reversing and clearing blockages in the arteries, advises WebMD. Doctors commonly prescribe drugs that lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Drugs that thin the blood may also help, including aspirin.

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