What Is the Best Way to Choose a Cataract Surgeon?

Some ways to choose a good cataract surgeon include getting recommendations from friends or physicians, contacting one's insurance company and browsing listings on websites such as ReclaimYourVision.com. It’s also important to talk to doctors and evaluate their experience and credentials.

Patients with friends or family members who have undergone cataract surgery before can talk to these individuals in order to get recommendations on surgeons. Former patients can share both good and bad experiences, recommending surgeons to consult or to avoid. Potential patients should be sure to ask about the doctor’s staff, billing procedures, overall experience and outcome. Discussing possible recommendations with a trusted general physician is another useful step when starting the selection process.

Patients can also find listings for reputable doctors online at sites such as ReclaimYourVision.com. The site allows users to enter their ZIP codes and find listings for nearby cataract surgeons. Users can further narrow results by the type of technology surgeons use or specific products they recommend.

When evaluating a potential cataract surgeon, patients should also give consideration to the doctor’s experience with cataract surgery. An ideal doctor should make use of the most modern equipment, be familiar with the latest procedures and not make any unrealistic promises about the outcome of the surgery. Patients should also be sure to ask doctors how many times they have performed cataract surgery previously.