What Is the Way to Bleach a Person's Teeth?

What Is the Way to Bleach a Person's Teeth?

The safest way to bleach a person's teeth is in the dentist's office, using a specific type of gel that is often activated by a laser light. Excessive tooth whitening has the potential to damage the enamel of the teeth. That is why the procedure is best done by a professional.

If a person feels his or her teeth are discolored, a dental consultation is in order. The dentist will examine the teeth and ask some questions to determine the cause of the discoloration. This will determine the best course of action.

Step 1: Clean and take pictures of the teeth

The dentist will take pictures of the teeth to monitor the whitening process. He or she will also clean the teeth to prepare the surface for the treatment.

Step 2: Application of whitening gel

The dentist or assistant will first apply a substance to protect the gums around the teeth. Then, a whitening agent, usually comprised of hydrogen peroxide, is applied to the teeth.

Step 3: Application of a laser light

Many whitening agents are activated by a strong laser light. After the application of the product on the teeth, the dentist will shine a bright light on the teeth. The length of time varies depending on the severity of the discoloration.

Step 4: Rinse the mouth

Once the treatment is finished, the dentist will rinse the whitening agent off the teeth. The patient may need to return for additional treatments.