What Is the Best Way to Alleviate Pelvic Pain?

Ways to alleviate pelvic pain include taking pain medication, using a warm compress to soothe the pelvic region, exercising and using relaxation techniques, according to WebMD. Several underlying conditions can cause pelvic pain; therefore, treatment and alleviation of pain depend largely on the root cause.

When endometriosis is the cause of pelvic pain, NSAID drugs such as ibuprofen are used to alleviate the symptoms. When the pain is brought about by pelvic floor tension myalgia, exercise and physical therapy are the recommended solutions to chronic pain, explains Prevention. Doctors also administer hormonal therapies in some cases to alleviate pelvic pain, and a combination of therapies may be recommended for pelvic pain patients. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and regular low-impact workouts help improve blood flow and thus reduce pelvic pain, notes WebMD.