What Is the Best Way to Alleviate Nerve Pain?


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To ease nerve pain, individuals should manage diabetes, exercise or take a bath, explains WebMD. Refraining from alcohol, getting more sleep and using over-the-counter treatments such as capsaicin cream may also help to ease nerve pain.

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If a person has nerve pain caused by diabetes, keeping blood sugar under control is the best possible treatment, according to WebMD. Another option for relieving nerve pain is exercising. When exercising, the body releases endorphins, chemicals that serve as painkillers. A warm bath is also ideal for treating nerve pain, as the heat helps to increase blood flow and eases stress. Those who pain in the feet should wear comfortable shoes and examine the feet often to look for evidence of infections or injuries.

Heavy alcohol use is known to increase nerve pain because alcohol is toxic to nerves, claims WebMD. A person can often lessen the occurrence of nerve pain by decreasing or eliminating the use of alcohol. Nerve pain can increase at night when sleep is interrupted, so it is important to avoid stimulants such as caffeine in the evening and to keep the bedroom a quiet area free from overstimulation. Over-the-counter options like capsaicin cream, which is made from hot peppers, may be uncomfortable when applied, but the cream may help to alleviate nerve pain. Usually, a person needs to use the cream for a couple of weeks to achieve the full effect, and many users experience less burning as time goes on.

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