What Is the Best Way for a 16-Year-Old Girl to Lose Belly Fat?

According to TutZone, teenage girls can lose belly fat through a combination of specialized diet and exercise. They should not attempt drastically fast weight loss because doing so may lead to other health issues.

TutZone recommends that girls monitor their sugar intake. Since sugary food helps cause belly fat, it should be reduced from the regular diet, but not removed entirely. Girls should also avoid junk food because its unhealthy content contributes to belly fat. They should stay hydrated in order to maintain a good metabolism, which helps to burn belly fat and flush toxins from the body.

TutZone also recommends that girls consult with a physician to help them set a daily caloric amount that is suited to their fat-reducing goals. Afterwards, girls should monitor calorie intake very closely, but not to the point of starvation or crash dieting. Their diet should consist of foods such as fruits, whole grains, nuts, vegetables and low fat dairy, foods which are healthy and do not contribute to belly fat. Girls should also monitor sodium intake to avoid bloating of the belly.

Teenage girls should also incorporate a regular exercise routine into their lives, one which exercises the entire body and not just the belly, according to Tutzone. Girls should get good sleep regularly and avoid stress in order to prevent extra belly fat from occurring.