What Is "Watson 3202"?


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"Watson 3202" is an imprint on a pill that is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, according to Drugs.com. The combination of drugs relieves moderate-to-severe bouts of pain and belongs to a class of narcotic pain relievers.

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Hydrocodone is habit-forming, and only the person for whom it was prescribed should use it, states Drugs.com. Additionally, the combination drug can cause impairment of a person's vision or reaction time. Other side effects of the drug include feeling anxious, dizzy, or drowsy; mild nausea or upset stomach; headache; and blurred vision. If a person experiences side effects such as shallow breathing, a slowed heartbeat, problems with urination or seizures, then these are signs of a severe reaction for which the person should seek immediate emergency care.

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