How Do You Get Water Out of Your Ear?


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To remove water trapped in your ear, hold your head to the side so that gravity pushes the water out, recommends Top 10 Home Remedies. Press on the ear with your hand for a few seconds, and pull it away quickly. This creates a vacuum which helps push the water out. For best results, use a cotton swab to soak up the water. Make yawning and chewing motions to create further pressure on the water.

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If the gravity method is not enough, Top 10 Home Remedies also recommends the Vulsalva maneuver. To complete this technique, close your mouth, plug your nostrils, and breathe in deeply. Next, blow the air out of your nostrils while keeping them plugged. A slight popping sound indicates the maneuver is successful. This method works because it opens the Eustacian tubes, which forces the water out of the ear.

Another option is the blow dryer method, which speeds evaporation of the water, explains Top 10 Home Remedies. To use this method, point the air flow from the blow dryer toward the ear from a distance of 10 to 12 inches while pulling your ear lobe. This expands the ear hole and allows more air inside. Apply the air for approximately 30 seconds, with the dryer on the warm and low settings. Repeat as necessary. This method turns the water to steam, which then dissipates out of the ear.

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